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Earth Invasion

Earth Invasion Game for Siemens MT50:

Five worlds with increasing difficulty, and very different bosses to beat.Ultra-simple controls for instant fun.4 different bonuses: Laser, Shield, Dual and Rapid Shot.The weird, off-beat style of those 50s sci-fi B-movies!

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Skype mobile™

Skype mobile™ Game for Siemens MT50:

Go mobile on Verizon Wireless’ network and talk as long as you want. Free has never been so easy. Free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM with Verizon Wireless Skype is ‘always on’ to receive calls anytime Skype-to-Skype, IM and global calls from Skype mobile™ don’t use your wireless plan minutes. Skype gives you free calls and [...]

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Opera Mini web browser

Opera Mini web browser Game for Siemens MT50:

Opera’s fastest mobile browser that can save you money on data. Totally free. A web browser for mobile devices offering fast speed. Opera Mini uses Opera’s servers to compress Web pages so they load faster. You also save money on data charges since it uses as little as a tenth of the data of normal [...]

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Summer Volley

Summer Volley Game for Siemens MT50:

100% arcade, 100% fun.A challenge that never ends : each time you play, go as far as you can.Beautiful graphics…Can be played anytime, anywhereVery easy to play

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Rayman® Golf

Rayman® Golf Game for Siemens MT50:

A complete golf course, with 18 holes. Large choice of clubs: up to 13 different ones. Respects the official rules and the natural features of a golf course.

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Solitaire Game for Siemens MT50:

The well-known, addictive card game that you can play for hours.A Solitaire and gambling game combined.Play for money in Vegas mode, trying to win as many dollars possible, and use your winnings to bet again.

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Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe Game for Siemens MT50:

Break all the bricks! Be prepared for the frenzy of the most breathtaking wall breaker games and discover a stunning and gripping revival of the genre.

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